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Sleeping With Sirens
pubescent--drama--quinn whispered: But Kellyyyyyyy you're not annoying, i think you're rather adorable, so so adorable together <3 i wish i was half as happy as you :)

Haha aww you’re too kind! :) happiness is a choice! You can find it within yourself. :)

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Anonymous whispered: No one makes me happier than Kellin

It’s nice to have things in this world that bring you happiness :)

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Anonymous whispered: Stop with your cute relationship it's not fair haha. But you're account is lifeeee

Aww :p haha thank you :)

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Anonymous whispered: I actually love you and your blog and you and your boyfriend make me so happy like ugh I love when people are happy like that and the way you got together is actually perfect and i love you and hi :) did I say I love you? :)

Aw aw aw, you are such a charming anon. Thanks for the love. I really truly appreciate it. And I love you too! :)

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Anonymous whispered: That's so fucking cool that you're dating a guy in a band. SO JELLY.

Haha to be honest I don’t even think about that. All I can think about is how blessed I am for having someone as genuinely beautiful on both the inside and outside proving to me it’s possible to feel loved. It’s the greatest feeling.

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